Think & Do: Leveraging Engagement Recap

How can we get beyond the crude concept of "four-quadrant demographics" and truly understand (and leverage) the nuanced motivations behind...

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Geek Speaks: The Future of Comics - feat. Scott McCloud & Henry Jenkins

Which of McCloud's predictions came true, what surprising new twists and developments have emerged, and where might comics go in...

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Global Fans “decoded” through the Logics of Engagement in FANS.PASSIONS.BRANDS Study

Launched by Havas Sports & Entertainment in partnership with USC Annenberg Innovation Lab  

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USC Annenberg Ranked #1 Journalism School in the United States

College Factual study ranks USC Annenberg as the top journalism school in the country.

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More Ad Dollars Flow to Pirated Video

According to the lab's director, Jonathan Taplin, those companies simply ignore the nature of the content on the sites they...

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USC Annenberg aims to predict digital future through The Edison Project

USC Annenberg Innovation Lab initiative proposes that the next wave of economic growth will come from imagination and creativity Move over,...

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The winners of the 2014 CRUNCH student design challenge literally had to hack their way to victory, a $10,000 prize...

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Behind The FCC's New Rules On Two-Lane Internet Speeds

In February 2006, at a time when almost nobody was thinking about the future of broadband and network neutrality, we...

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