Civic Media Fellowship

AnnLab has launched a fellowship program to empower social entrepreneurs, artists, activists, scholars and other catalysts to increase awareness, understanding and engagement around pressing areas of public interest, with particular attention to underrepresented communities and their ideas. The fellows are emerging leaders in leveraging digital and popular culture, media and technology for social progress, and come from diverse perspectives, communities and areas of practice.  

Our program supports participants as they hone existing skills and develop new ones, build shared capacity for social and community impact, and have positive impact on the world locally, nationally and or globally. These new leaders and the resources we are collectively developing to empower them are also helping to build out the civic media — and connected — fields and to catalyze new communities of practice and scholarship.

With many powerful and often isolated activities connecting scholarship and practice at USC, we are pairing fellows with both USC faculty and students and leading practitioners in Los Angeles. The program is helping to enable conversation and collaboration. It is also helping to anchor an emergent ecosystem that breaks barriers and builds powerful new opportunities for discovery, learning and engagement.

As the fellowship program evolves, we are committed to transparency and shared learnings.

Civic Media Fellowship Steering Committee:
John Seely Brown
Taj Frazier
Robert Hernandez
Henry Jenkins
Annette Kim
Josh Kun
Mauricio Mota
Holly Willis