Fresco Steez

Fresco Steez is a young, Black feminist, queer, and abolitionist freedom fighter from the south side of Chicago. She has been a grassroots community organizer for the past 14 years, her work ranges from housing disparities in Black communities to juvenile justice, to racial justice, to the disruption of the Police state. Fresco is committed to creating a synergy for mobilization through compounding design and political engagement. Fresco‚Äôs proudest work has been co-creating BYP100 with her comrades, coining the phrase Unapologetically Black, and anchoring the term and political framework for a Black Queer Feminist lens. As the Minister of Culture for BYP100, Fresco’s focus has been training and politically educating radical Black leadership as organizers contributing to the legacy of the Black radical tradition. She’s currently proud to work as one half of the strategic communications and creative Design firm Culture Society. Her discipline is creating and designing, in her off time she studies aesthetic strategy, plans outfits, and cooks decadent meals. She is committed to a Black liberation experience that frees ALL Black people and follows in the Black radical traditions of our ancestors.