Justino Mora

Justino Mora is a growth-hacker, self-taught programmer, immigrant rights activist, and taco-lover! Justino studied Computer Science and Political Science at UCLA and is deeply passionate about the intersection of tech, activism, and media. In 2009, Justino became an early practitioner and leader in the use of memes, GIFs, short-video clips, and infographics to inform, educate, and mobilize the immigrant community and its allies. He founded and managed several pro-immigration social media accounts that collectively reached between 6 million to 10 million unique visitors every week. Justino’s work and activism has been featured in The Nation, VICE News, and The Guardian. He loves hackathons and has won several of them including Y Combinator’s April 2018 hackathon, DEBUG DC, and FWD.us DREAMer hackathon. Some of Justino’s hobbies include hiking, reading Spanish literature, and eating tacos.