Sarah Weissman

Senior Fellow

I’m a journalist, media advisor and consultant for people in search of the right information and narrative that tells the most impactful story, across subject matter. I began my career in photojournalism and was part of several Pulitzer Prize winning teams at The New York Times, and if it’s happened on earth, chances are that I’ve researched it, written about it, seen pictures of it or assigned someone to cover it. Today, I write news and communications, advise companies and philanthropies on the best ways to develop and tell their stories and I create content of all kinds, both in writing and visual media. Curiosity is my favorite sport and I want to see, read and learn about pretty much everything. I use my skills and passion for information to see the big picture, contextualizing the complex and abstract so that we can make ideas as clear and resonant as possible.


Why?’ – every five year old on earth (and many curious adults).

Me in Three

What was your dream job as a kid?

What would you like to do less of?
Being impatient

If you could have any talent what would it be?
Teleportation, so I could be in several far-flung places in a day without the machines required to get us there

This pretty much sums up my existence