Set Hernandez Rongkilyo

Set Hernandez Rongkilyo is an undocumented immigrant filmmaker and community organizer whose roots come from Bicol, Philippines. Set serves as the Impact Videos Producer at the California Immigrant Policy Center where they create videos and short documentaries that advance grassroots messaging for migrant justice campaigns. Their practice is rooted in the belief that cultural strategies can propel political transformation when intentionally grounded in movement work. But to do this, system-impacted people must have the agency and the self-empowerment to tell their own stories authentically.

Since 2010, Set has been involved in organizing efforts around migrant justice issues such as education equity for undocumented students, deportation defense, driver’s licenses, and healthcare access for undocumented Californians. Set’s short films have been televised, featured, and awarded in film festivals across the U.S. Set is currently working on film projects that explore the intersectional issues impacting undocumented immigrants, including the connection between immigrant rights and disability rights. Set is the Assistant Editor and Impact Producer for PJ Raval’s award-winning documentary, Call Her Ganda, which premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. They are the recipient of the 2018 Firelight Impact Producer Fellowship, 2017 Soros Justice Fellowship, 2017 IDA Emerging Filmmaker Mentorship, and 2016 at Land’s Edge Fellowship. Above all, Set is the fruit of their parents’ sacrifices, their siblings’ resilience, and their community’s nurturing.

A published researcher, Set holds degrees in Linguistics, as well as Film and Television, from University of California, Los Angeles. In their spare time, Set either writes poetry, makes music with the piano, or spends time with their loved ones.