Civic Media Speaker series: Hamid Khan

a venn diagram of LAPD's information sharing environment


Hamid Khan is the co-leader of the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, a broad coalition whose primary goal is to raise public awareness, participation, mobilization, and action on police spying and surveillance and to sustain long-term intersectional movement building. Hamid immigrated to the United States from Pakistan in 1979. Hamid is also the founder and former Executive Director of South Asian Network (1990 – 2010) and a founding member of the Los Angeles Taxi Workers Alliance.

The Civic Media Fellowship at AnnLab aims to strengthen and expand the field of civic media — the use of today’s technologies to create and harness media that connects with communities, inspires action, builds civic capacity and helps sustain social change effort — by pushing the boundaries of what it can be.

As part of the Civic Media field-building activities this year, AnnLab is holding public chats featuring practitioners — artists, creators, storytellers, organizers and others working at the intersections of media, technology and culture — presenting and sharing their civic media work to inspire and build community with other practitioners. These public chats provide a platform to share and reflect on civic media practice, highlight the work being done and the way folks are working and encourage conversation amongst a growing network.