Comic Zine: Once Upon a Tech

Once Upon a Tech cover

On Jan. 14, 2021 participants and facilitators of the 2021 Civic Media Fellowship at the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, sponsored by the Macarthur Foundation, came together to create speculative fiction in four parts that come together to make an exquisite corpse style sci-fi story. The Context: The Year is 2084. A major revolution has taken place on Earth after decades of recovering from what the generation before called “the digital apocalypse.” A new generation has emerged, determined not to repeat the mistakes of those before. Hungry to rebuild, they started from what was needed, what they feared, and what they dreamed. They built slowly, starting small — neighborhood by neighborhood. The future defined itself in a merging of nature and technology. What was created holds beauty in every corner, genuine in every way. Today’s people believe this place to be The Marvel. You now call it home.