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Sports Fan Engagement Dashboard

Sports Fan Engagement Dashboard is ....


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Experience the Sports Fan Engagement Dashboard In Action.



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Project Lead: Bessie Chu
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Leveraging Engagement

The 8 Logics of Engagement framework illuminates various ways in which entertainment and sports fans approach their objects of fanship and the goals that drive their behaviors.

Project Lead: Erin Reilly
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The New Newsboxes

How might the ubiquitous, underutilized and largely unloved newspaper box be reinvented for the 21st century? 

Project Lead: Gabriel Kahn
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Blackstone LaunchPad USC

Blackstone LaunchPad USC connects ideas, people, and resources to provide guidance to newbies and experienced entrepreneurs alike.

Project Lead: James Bottom
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Fans. Passions. Brands. Global Study on Football (Soccer)

Our goal with this research is to explore the Leveraging Engagement model and how the 8 logics of engagement cluster together to offer varied experiences within a sports media event, such as the World Cup.

Project Lead: Erin Reilly
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PulsePin is a mobile app that lets ordinary citizens report and share crucial information during a disaster.

Project Lead: Jake de Grazia
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