Other Projects

Leveraging Engagement: Music Fans

Following the success of our soccer study in 2014, we have partnered again with Havas Sports & Entertainment to take on an even bigger fandom analysis challenge in 2015: all music fans everywhere in the world.

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World Building the DTLA Corridor

In December of last year the Downtown LA Innovation Corridor world building project kicked off its first workshop with the theme of ‘moving’.

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Sports Fan Engagement Dashboard

Experience the Sports Fan Engagement Dashboard In Action.

Project Lead: Bessie Chu
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Leveraging Engagement

The 8 Logics of Engagement framework illuminates various ways in which entertainment and sports fans approach their objects of fanship and the goals that drive their behaviors.

Project Lead: Erin Reilly
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Political Rumors On Twitter During The 2012 Presidential Election

The rampant spread of rumors during times of public anxiety and election seasons underscores the importance of understanding how rumors spread among people and their impacts on people’s political lives.

Project Lead: Lian Jian
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The New Newsboxes

How might the ubiquitous, underutilized and largely unloved newspaper box be reinvented for the 21st century? 

Project Lead: Gabriel Kahn
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